1. What does the letter ‘D’ denote in the term ‘SDR’? (as used in finance)
(A) Deposits (B) Data (C) Drawing (D) Debt (E) Dealers (Ans : C)

2. Which of the following awards is given to sports persons?
(A) Kalidas Samman (B) Saraswati Samman (C) Ashok Chakra 
(D) Arjuna Award (E) Vyas Samman (Ans : A)

3. Who among the following is the President of France at present?
(A) Dimitry Medvedev (B) Nicolas Sarkozy (C) Rupert Murdoch
(D) Silvio Berlusconi (E) None of these (Ans : E)

4. Which of the following books is written by Kiran Desai?
(A) A Brush With Life (B) A Fortune Teller Told Me (C) Black Arrow 
(D) Catch-22 (E) The Inheritance of Loss (Ans : E)

5. Major portion of share capital in the case of Regional Rural Banks in India is held by–
(A) Indian Banking Association (B) Central Government (C) Reserve Bank of India 
(D) State Government (E) Sponsor Bank (Ans : B)

6. The SBI has signed an agreement with which of the following agencies to obtain a guarantee cover to its loans to Micro and Small Enterprises ?
(A) Export Credit Guarantee Corporation (B) Credit Guarantee Trust
(C) Small Industrial Development Bank of India (D) Securities and Exchange Board of India
(E) None of these (Ans : B)

7. Which of the following is the short form of the name of the Indian space shuttle which puts various satellites into orbit ?

8. ‘‘Astra’’, which was in news in recent past, is the name of a newly developed–
(A) Air-to-Air Missile (B) Battle Tank (C) Spy Rocket 
(D) Submarine (E) Air-to-Surface Missile (Ans : A)

9. On which of the following dates is AIDS Day celebrated?
(A) 28 March (B) 2 June (C) 16 September 
(D) 1 December (E) 5 January (Ans : D)

10. Which of the following correctly explains the role of Banking Ombudsman?
(A) To provide services to customer (B) To take care of monetary policy
(C) To take care of the banking sector as a whole (D) To look into and resolve customers complains related to banking services
(E) All of the above (Ans : D) 

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